Cloud 9

An interactive hanging chair that provides a private, immersive, and
multi-sensorial space for audiences to revive from challenges in life.

It’s important to take care of our mental health


Maybe we just need a pause to take a break

How about creating a cloud for people to relax?

When we look up, clouds float anywhere in the sky, free from constraints, and can be whatever appearance they want. They are up to the sky and far away from the worries that come from the secular world. I think the cloud is a perfect metaphor to represent the feeling that I want to offer.

Also from the cultural aspect, the idiom “cloud nine”, was defined as "a feeling of well-being or elation." by Merriam Webster. Even in Chinese culture, we have similar idioms about clouds that describe a joyful and relaxing feeling, such as

Final form with lights

                                                                  Credit to Jiyeon Choi as my model, and Kuan Hsieh as the photographer

Public Event

Echoes: Parsons Design & Technology Thesis Show 2022

Special thanks to Professor Jesse Harding and many cool DT peers for technical and mental support!