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Multitasking or distracted?

Data collected from 2-day tracking of personal life.

Multitasking with cellphones

Data collected from personal online survey.

Gender Breakdown: top 50 movies of 2016 Cast

Does my stay-at-home mom work less than my dad who works at the company?

In this project, I try to prove and show how working at home can take as the same amount of time(just more scattered) and effort(exhaustion and emotion) as going out to work. And I try to break the bias & stereotype in my culture of that housewives enjoy an easy live because they don’t have “jobs” (but taking care of the family is their job and it’s not).
The final goal: legitimize the labor and care work that often goes unacknowledged in society.

︎︎︎ The emotion and exhaust level of the work.

  • mom's work time is more scattered as we hypothesized, while dad's work time is more collective.

  • The colors represents different emotion stage, while the lines represent how exhausting the work is. My parents mostly have positive feeling while working, but mom seems to have more negative feelings more frequently. It mostly comes from the loneliness and anxiety while doing chores.

︎︎︎ Comparison of work amount

  • Each square represents 30 mins work.

  • The opacity of the colorrepresents the exhaust level of the work. 

  • Mom works a little more than dad.

Data Resource

My data comes from everyday tracking of my parents’ activities in one week, I classified their task types, and  collected their emotional status and exhaust level in related to each tasks.

Informational Graphic for Timo project

Large Craters in the United State

Data Source: Earth Impact